Field Trip 05

Advances in Drift Prospecting for Kimberlite in Canada

Leader: David Sacco (Palmer Environmental Consulting Group)

Location: Based in Yellowknife.

Transport: Bus and charter float plane

Description: Join renowned experts in drift prospecting for kimberlite in Canada on a one-day float plane trip visiting several key sites in the Slave Geological Province that showcase how an understanding of glacial, deglacial and post-glacial processes can help transition grassroots and brownfield programs into advanced exploration projects. Participants will be exposed to different sampling media, depositional environments and the difficulties associated with the homogenization of near-surface sediments by the cold climate processes. Techniques for deciphering different sediment geneses based on landform context and sedimentological characterization will be demonstrated and discussed. We will reconstruct glacial ice-flow and sediment transport histories based on critical examination of subglacially sculpted landforms and small features etched into bedrock. Participants will come away from the field trip with a strong appreciation for the implications of different surficial materials and processes for the sampling and interpretation of kimberlite indicator mineral (KIM) data. This Field Trip will demonstrate in the field the concepts covered in Short Course SC05 (Advances in Drift Prospecting for Diamonds: Using Glacial Processes to Unravel Dispersal Paths) to be held on the previous day, Saturday 20 August 2022. Field Trip FT05 is an optional extra for Short Course SC05 participants.

Top Left – Aerial view of an esker in the Slave Geological Province. Top Right – Glacial Striations in outcrop. Bottom – Ground view of an esker overlain by angular boulder.