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Short Courses

The 12th International Kimberlite Conference (12 IKC) will celebrate ‘30 Years of Diamonds in Canada’ during which time there has been considerable increase in diamond industry expertise in Canada. Taking advantage of this, 12 IKC will be the first IKC to offer Short Courses.

The Short Courses cover topics important to diamond prospecting, evaluation and mining, ranging from advances in glacial drift prospecting (SC05), to optimizing kimberlitic indicator mineral and microdiamond data (SC02), to the geology (SC01) and evaluation of natural diamonds (SC04), as well as economic kimberlite geology (SC03).

12 IKC is planning the following short courses.

  1. Geology of Diamonds: Reviews in Mineralogy and GeochemistryGraham Pearson, T. Stachel, F. Nestola, S. Shirey and K. Smit
  2. A: The G-Cubed Toolbox: Capturing Full Value from Public-Domain Kimberlitic Indicator Mineral Data – Herman Grütter
    B: The G-Cubed Toolbox: Capturing Full Value from Public-Domain Microdiamond Data – Herman Grütter
  3. Introduction to Kimberlites: Geology, Terminology, Emplacement and EconomicsBarbara Scott Smith
  4. Principles of Rough Diamond Valuation Richard Wake-Walker
  5. Advances in Drift Prospecting for Diamonds: Using Glacial Processes to Unravel Dispersal PathsDavid Sacco

Short Course Co-ordinators: Scott Cairns and Herman Grütter