Short Course 02A

The G-Cubed Toolbox: Capturing Full Value from Public-Domain Kimberlitic Indicator Mineral Data

Presenter: Herman Grütter (SRK Consulting) & Other Practitioners (TBA)

Duration: One day

Location: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Description: Classroom presentations at professional development level covering basic analysis (ala Gurney-Griffin-Grutter = G-cubed) and advanced analysis (beyond G-cubed) of published materials, specifically including public-domain kimberlitic indicator mineral data sets. A maximum of 20 attendees will examine and discuss real-world examples drawn from cratonic and circum-cratonic settings. As of March 2020, such examples could include: Arkhangelsk, Western Greenland, Chidliak, Churchill (including Comaplex & KMD), Central Slave (vs Diavik vs Redemption vs HOAM), FALC ilmenites, Victor G9D’s, Minas Gerais (aka Coromandel), an Australian chromite case and several more. Each example will be allocated up to 40 minutes lecture time followed by up to 25 minutes discussion, so we anticipate covering six or seven examples during PRE-SC02A.

Garnet Compositions
Public-domain mantle-derived garnet compositions for the central Slave craton, Canada