Manuscript Submission

The 12 IKC Conference Proceedings will be published as a special issue of the international journal Mineralogy and Petrology. All conference presenters (oral and/or poster) are invited to submit manuscripts associated with their conference presentations. Submission is online, through the journal webpage (see below).

All manuscripts will undergo peer review and be published at the discretion of the editors.

The deadlines are: 

  • Submission opens: 10 June 2024
  • Submission ends: 15 November 2024

Recent IKC volumes have an excellent record of timely publication, within ~ 6–8 months of the end of the conference (online). We aim to be similarly efficient for 12 IKC.

Points to consider for the preparation of manuscripts:

  • Final papers should not contain more than 12 figures and seven tables (additional figures and data tables may be provided online as ESM, electronic supplementary materials).
  • There will be no charge for colour figures.
  • For manuscript writing, authors should use the journal template available here: link to template. The instructions included in that document are not meant to replace the careful consideration of the full Instructions for Authors provided by the journal.
  • Authors should not insert figures/tables into the running manuscript text but instead include them, each with associated figure/table caption, below the reference list.
  • After completing their manuscript, authors should convert it into a pdf (in Word this can be done by choosing pdf as “save as type”) and submit it as a single file.
  • Authors need to submit their manuscript on-line, via the “Submit your manuscript” button, located next to the journal cover image at Mineralogy and Petrology. At that point, authors will need to register with the journal, if they should not have done so previously.
  • Authors have to choose the correct article type in the beginning of the submission process. For the 12 IKC proceedings, under “Details” and “Collection (optional)”, authors have to pick “Special issue on Selected papers of the 12th International Kimberlite Conference”
  • Very important: Read well before you click some of the buttons! At the end of the submission process, you will have the choice of

(a) Yes, all authors agree to post this work as a preprint on Research Square, or

(b) No, we don’t want to post our work as a preprint at this time.

Make sure you hit the “No” button. Otherwise the submitted manuscript will immediately be published online (Research Square), along with a DOI. Within a few hours or days, ResearchGate (not directly connected to Research Square) will download all new content, and then the preprint will be available on ResearchGate forever, with everyone having access to your data, even if the manuscript is rejected for publication or withdrawn.