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Field Trips

The 12th International Kimberlite Conference (12 IKC) is being held in 2022 when it will celebrate ‘30 Years of Diamonds in Canada’, during which hundreds of kimberlites were discovered across Canada, leading to the opening of seven mines and Canada becoming one of the top three diamond producers in the world (by value). Five mines are currently operating, although in 2019, Victor will complete mining and processing activities in Q1 and start its planned closure phase.

Together, the two main multi-day kimberlite Field Trips (FT01 and FT02) offer the opportunity to visit all of the four operating diamond mines in Canada. On both of these field trips as well as the half day FT04, participants can examine drillcores displaying the diverse geology of many kimberlites across Canada (including all main textural varieties: Intrusive and Extrusive Coherent Kimberlites, Kimberley-type and Fort à la Corne-type Pyroclastic Kimberlites, and Resedimented Volcaniclastic Kimberlites).

In addition, the half day Field Trip FT03 will explore the Yellowknife greenstone belt, featuring a world-class volcanic sequence exposed within the Slave Craton Geology. The one day Field Trip FT05 will showcase how glacial, deglacial, and post-glacial processes within the Slave Craton can inform the collection and interpretation of surface sediment samples for kimberlite exploration.

Field Trips FT01, FT03, FT04, and FT05 are based in Yellowknife while Field Trip FT02 travels across Canada. Three variations of FT02 are being offered: (i) FT02A – the first 4 night portion only (Yellowknife to Saskatoon); (ii) FT02B – the final 2 night leg only (Montreal and the Renard Mine), or (iii) FT02A + B – the entire 6 night trip (Yellowknife to Montreal).

These are non-standard field trips which are not possible to undertake on an independent basis and there are a limited number of field trips spaces. Register early to reserve your place. Field trip registration requires payment of a 10% non-refundable deposit on conference registration and the full field trip registration fee. Field trip participants are required to pay the balance of their conference registration by 31 January 2022. See Important Dates and Registration for further details.

Field Trips FT01 and FT03 will be run only once pre-conference. Field Trips FT02 and FT05 will only run once post-conference. FT04 will be offered both pre- and post-conference. Field Trip FT05 is an optional extra for Short Course SC05 participants and registration is restricted to SC05 participants until 28 February 2022. For the multi-day Field Trip FT01 delegates can choose to include or exclude accommodation (single rooms) in Yellowknife which will have different registration fees. Transport in Yellowknife and to the mines are included in the registration fee. For the multi-day Field Trip FT02, accommodation (single rooms) and transport are included in the registration fee. Transport to and from the start and finish points of each field trip is not included in the organisation or the cost of each trip. Delegates will need to make their own travel arrangements to the start and end points.

Accompanying persons can also register on a “first come, first served basis” for Field Trips POST-FT02A, PRE-FT03A, PRE-FT03B, FT04 A, B, C, D, E and G.

The field trip information provided here should be considered as provisional. The website will be updated as new information becomes available. All persons undertaking field trips do so at their own risk. Field trip participants should anticipate being required to complete waivers of liability or indemnity forms as required by properties being visited especially the operating mines. Field Trips FT01 and FT02 participants are also required to supply personal information such as full names, age, gender and passport numbers with expiry dates at the time of registration and a passport scan must be supplied by 14 April 2022. Passport scans will be collected through a secure registration link.  Please note that there may be restrictions during field trips with regards to security, personal protective equipment, sampling, alcohol testing, photographic and other electronic equipment. Any diamond(s) found by field trip participants (pick-ups) remain the property of the host mine or project and should be handed to mine/project officials immediately. Field trip participants may have to undergo safety and security inductions prior to mine visits.

Please refer to Important Dates and Registration pages for additional information. 

12 IKC will offer the following field trips.

  1. Northwest Territories Diamond MinesBarrett Elliott
  2. Kimberlites Across CanadaJennifer Pell and Malcolm Robb
  3. Slave Craton GeologyHendrik Falck
  4. Northwest Territories Kimberlite Drill Core CollectionScott Cairns
  5. Advances in Drift Prospecting for Kimberlite in CanadaDavid Sacco

Field Trip Co-ordinator: Barrett Elliott