The re-convened 12th International Kimberlite Conference (12 IKC) comes at a time when high-quality petrologic, geochemical and geophysical data pertaining to kimberlites, diamonds and Earth’s upper mantle are being generated, compiled and released into the public domain at an astonishing rate. To help make sense of this tidal wave of new data and related geoscientific models, 12 IKC will convene two or three Seminars covering emergent or state-of-science topics. 

Topics under current consideration include:
• Type-II diamonds: genesis and transport to surface
• Kimberlitic olivine: tracking mantle cargo and kimberlite melt evolution
• Update: Genesis and depth(s)-of-origin of “basaltic” kimberlite melts integrated with their isotopic composition
• Microdiamonds: an industry and academic proxy for macrodiamonds
• Geophysical characterization, drilling and sampling of kimberlite targets

Each Seminar will last around 3 hours (including breaks), will have a discussion leader, and will include a state-of-science review talk, two to three additional short presentations and ample semi-moderated question-and-answer periods; the objective is to promote the sharing and development of ideas, group learning and active listening.

The Seminars are included in the 12 IKC registration fee, will be integrated with the regular 12 IKC programme (i.e. Monday to Friday sessions), and are replacing the previously intended pre- and post-conference Short Courses. Herman Grütter will coordinate the Seminars in collaboration with the 12 IKC technical program committee.