Proposals for 13 IKC

Persons or groups interested in hosting the 13th International Kimberlite Conference are invited to submit proposals to the International Kimberlite Conference Advisory Committee (IKCAC). 

Proposals should be sent to the 12 IKC Secretariat ([email protected]) for the attention of Dr. Roger Mitchell, Chairman of IKCAC, one month prior to the 12 IKC conference.

All proposals should be submitted in writing and supported by a presentation from at least one of the potential convenors at a general meeting of IKCAC to be held during 12 IKC, likely during the Wednesday afternoon. IKCAC will consider all proposals during the conference.

Proposals should contain:

  1. names of the Convenor(s);
  2. potential committee members especially those responsible for major aspects of the conference (e.g. finance, field trips, technical programme and volumes);
  3. preliminary budget and fund raising plan;
  4. organisational timeline;
  5. location of the conference and potential conference venue; and
  6. potential field excursions.