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8 – 12 JULY 2024 




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  • Downloads: We have added Tindi to Power Points and refreshed their look as well. Hope you can use them to promote 12 IKC.
  • Tindi the Mascot: A new webpage, introducing the 12 IKC mascot has been added. 
  • 30 Years of Diamonds in CanadaThis webpage has been moved as a sub-page under the Conference heading in the menu.

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  • Seminars: Seminars’ details have been updated.
  • Marketing Materials: The 16:9 format of the powerpoint is now available on the Downloads Page.
  • Marketing Materials: The revised Conference Flier is now available on the Downloads Page.
  • Social Media: We have a new Facebook page – please follow us here.




  • New Conference Dates: The 12 IKC Organising Committee were excited to confirm that the 12th International Kimberlite Conference will be held 8 – 12 July 2024.
  • Invitation: The webpage has been updated.



  • Registration and Abstract Submission: Are scheduled to launch in July/August 2023.
  • Statement towards Russian aggression has been added to the website.



  • Seminars: In addition to the usual Technical Sessions encompassing cratons, kimberlites and diamonds, 12 IKC will convene for the first time Seminars covering emergent or state-of-science topics to help make sense of the tidal wave of new data and related geoscientific models as well as promote the sharing and development of ideas, group learning and active listening.
  • Short Courses: The Short Courses planned for 2021 have been cancelled and replaced by Seminars which will be held within the Monday-Friday Technical Sessions.
  • Field Trips: The webpage has been updated.


  • Marketing Materials: The revised Save The Date, Sponsorship Opportunities Flyer and PowerPoint, are now available on the Downloads Page.

January 2022

Due to uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and continued global advisories to avoid all non-essential travel, it has been decided to further postpone preparation of the 12IKC.  The global and local situations will be assessed again in Q1 of 2023 to determine if planning the conference for July-August 2024 can proceed. Announcements will be provided as soon as possible, and information will be posted on the 12 IKC website (please check the Bulletin Board) as well as 12 IKC social media. Updates will also be sent to everyone on the 12 IKC mailing list.

PLEASE NOTE: Further details will be announced in early 2023, but the 12th International Kimberlite Conference (12 IKC) will not be held in 2023.


June 2021

The further postponement of 12 IKC reflects the continued worldwide uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision has been made with the goal of maintaining the unique aspect of International Kimberlite Conferences: the symbiotic in-person mix of industry and academia from across the world. The change has the full support of the International Kimberlite Conference Advisory Committee.

The intention remains to host the 12 IKC at the same venues in Yellowknife, with the same scientific programme, field trips, short courses and social events, in July-August of a subsequent year yet to be determined. The global and local situation will be assessed in Q1 of 2022 (and each subsequent year as necessary) to determine if planning for a July-August conference in the following year can proceed. Announcements will be provided as soon as possible, most likely in Q2 of 2022. (not 2023 as incorrectly stated in initial April-June 2021 On Hold Announcements).

Generous sponsorship has been a key to the success of IKCs and 12 IKC gratefully acknowledges all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

Information will be posted on the 12 IKC website (please check the Bulletin Board) as well as 12 IKC social media and updates will be sent to everyone on the 12 IKC mailing list.

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