Short Course 02B

The G-Cubed Toolbox: Capturing Full Value from Public-Domain Microdiamond Data

Presenter: Herman Grütter (SRK Consulting) & Invited Practitioners (TBA)

Duration: One day

Location: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Description: Classroom presentations at professional development level covering basic and advanced analysis of published materials, specifically including public-domain microdiamond data (and relevant macrodiamond data). A maximum of 20 attendees will examine and discuss real-world datasets selected to inform these topics:

  • What is a microdiamond and where do microdiamonds come from ?
  • Andy Davy’s 1989 PhD thesis and the enduring Argyle paradigm
  • Microdiamond variance & under/oversampling: What is your sampling objective ?
  • Microdiamond count rates, outliers, nuggets & the “One is None” story
  • Will the real average stone size please step forward ?
  • What is “sptui” & why do we need it ? Why do three versions exist ?
  • Log-normal models, log-scale errors, and relationships with bulk sampling
  • Examples of micro/macrodiamond grade models & related (macro)grade forecasts
  • How do benchmarked (macro)grade estimates differ from model-grade forecasts ?
  • Astounding growth of microdiamond sampling in resource expansion programs
Microdiamond variance
Microdiamond variance example based on public-domain data for Snap Lake