Short Course 02

The G-Cubed Toolbox: Capturing Full Value from Public-Domain Kimberlitic Indicator Mineral and Microdiamond Data

Presenter: Herman Grütter (SRK Consulting)


  • PRE-SC02 takes place on Sunday, 15 August 2021.
  • POST-SC02 takes place on Saturday, 21 August 2021.

Duration: One day

Registration: The registration fee is $700 (CAD; ~$525 USD) person; no reduced rate. Registration is open to only persons registering for 12 IKC from 10 August 2020 until 01 February 2021. If Short Course SC02 is confirmed, remaining places are also open to persons not registering for 12 IKC after 01 March 2021.

Location: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Description: Classroom presentations at professional development level covering basic and advanced analysis of public-domain kimberlitic indicator mineral and microdiamond data. A maximum of 20 attendees will examine and discuss real-world, high-impact examples drawn from cratonic and circum-cratonic settings.

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