Short Course 05

Advances in Drift Prospecting for Diamonds: Using Glacial Processes to Unravel Dispersal Paths

Presenters: David Sacco (Palmer Environmental Consulting Group)

Duration: One day

Location: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Description: This short course will explore how an understanding of glacial, deglacial, and post-glacial processes can inform the collection and interpretation of surface sediment samples for kimberlite exploration. Participants will learn about different sampling media, depositional environments, and geomorphological processes and their implications for drift prospecting. We will discuss techniques to determine different sediment geneses, transport histories, and the potential for geochemical and mineralogical concentration or dilution based on landform context and sedimentological characterization, and how to apply this information to the evaluation of surface sediment data sets. Participants will gain an understanding of the complexities in the surficial environment and learn how this understanding can improve surface sediment data collection and interpretation to generate lower-risk exploration targets.