Long Abstract Submission

All authors whose Short Abstract is accepted are required to provide a Long Abstract and the final confirmation of oral or poster presentations will be made after acceptance of a suitable Long Abstract.

  • Long abstracts are limited to 3 pages (including figures and references; page size is Letter).
  • The title and authors of the Long Abstract should be the same as the Short Abstract.
  • We recommend that each Long Abstract is carefully compiled and thoroughly checked by all authors.
  • There will be no fee for submitting a Long Abstract.
  • 12 IKC is unable to accept papers submitted by or presented on behalf of first authors from institutions based in Russia and Belarus.

Long Abstracts will undergo a light-touch review process for format as well as gross editorial and science errors. This process will be undertaken by the 12 IKC Technical Programme Committee and is not intended to be invasive but instead is designed

(i) to ensure that authors will have sufficient material of a new nature to justify a presentation, in particular, an oral presentation; and

(ii) to produce a high-quality output for publication of the Long Abstracts as citable documents.

It is anticipated that most Long Abstracts will be accepted as submitted but revision of some will be requested and re-reviewed prior to final confirmation of oral / poster presentation. A few Long Abstracts may be rejected if

(i) revisions are not submitted by the deadline or

(ii) if the revisions are not satisfactory.

Long Abstract Submission Deadlines

Long Abstract Submission OpensFriday 01 March 2024
Long Abstract Submission Closes Sunday 21 April 2024
Long Abstract Acceptance Notification and Oral / Poster Presentation Final Confirmation (for Abstracts with No Revisions)Friday 17 May 2024
Oral/Poster Programme Posted to 12ikc.caTuesday 18 June 2024
Long Abstracts Published on Journal of International Kimberlite Conference Abstracts (or JIKCA)Tuesday 18 June 2024

As in previous kimberlite conferences, the Long Abstracts will be made available to delegates at, or before, the conference.

Instructions to Authors for Preparation of Long Abstract